Product Image Background Removal and Image Editor Plugin for Woocommerce

It was never been so easy to remove your product's background. Remove your woocommece product image's background with the help of AI without any extra cost.

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Restore Original Image Easily

Unhappy with the background image removal? Easily restore it to the original with just a single click.

Compare the changes

Instantly compare the results and visualize the comparison.

No additional costs or privacy concerns

We do not transmit your image data to external servers for processing, unlike some other providers

Product Image Editor Add-on

Customize your Product image with powerful Image editor

Harness your creative design potential 


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Suitable for medium-sized business

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  • Unlimited background removal credits


Suitable for big-sized business

$359 /Lifetime
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  • Unlimited background removal credits


Suitable for agency

$499 /Lifetime
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  • Up to 15 Websites
  • Unlimited background removal credits

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bgXremover is a tool designed to enhance your online store by allowing you to change the background of product images and edit the images directly within your WooCommerce site. This plugin uses advanced editing features to easily update and beautify your product photos, ensuring they align with your store's theme and aesthetics.
Yes, our plugin supports changing the background of any product image. Whether you want to replace a cluttered background with a plain one or insert a thematic backdrop, our tool can handle it. It's designed to work with a variety of image types and compositions, ensuring your products always look their best.
The plugin is optimized to ensure that the quality of your images is maintained while also being mindful of your website's loading speed. Edits are made in a way that balances high-quality visuals with web-friendly file sizes, ensuring your site remains fast and responsive.

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